Top Adelaide Pre-Purchase Building Inspections – What to Know

Inspecting a property will inform you about its features as well as condition and give you a feel of the local area. You need to make several visits to a property prior to deciding to purchase it. If you are inspecting a number of properties in a single day, take a notebook and make sure to keep a track of any identifying features. Consult the manager for permission prior to taking any photographs. The first visit will give you a primary impression and decide if the property meets your fundamental requirements, such as:

  • location
  • size
  • age
  • access to facilities
  • style

Further visits will give you the scope to check whether repairs are required and for signs of any structural issues. For example:

  • sloping floors can imply stumps that need replacing
  • damp brick walls may point out rising damp or salt damp
  • blisters or bubbles on paintwork may signify termite activity
  • cracked walls are a reflection of subsidence that needs the replacement of stumps. If there are huge cracks, seek consultation from a structural engineer
  • mouldy walls, lifting tiles, peeling paint or pools of water in wet areas can mean too much of moisture
  • fretting brickwork can mean huge structural issues
  • a sagging roof, or cracked or broken roof tiles may lead to expensive roof repairs or replacement.

What opt for top Adelaide pre-purchase building inspections?

Some of the reasons why you should choose them are as follows:

  • Major and minor defects and maintenance items
  • Condition report of the home
  • They are the best possible option you have at your end to undertake further investigation or execute other recommended action

What Property Inspections You Can Expect From Professionals?

The top things that you can expect from reliable building inspection services:

  • Fixed Pricing – no hidden charges.
  • Visual Inspection by a knowledgeable registered architect.
  • Comprehensive simple-to-understand electronic inspection report 
  • Quick turnaround services including the architect’s spoken on-the-day summary and discussion about the findings of your property examination. Same day turnaround is usually available on request.
  • Detailed Cost Guide to help you appreciate the expenses of essential repair and maintenance.
  • They are highly qualified building experts
  • Completely qualified, experienced and exclusively trained in building inspection

Other Things to Expect

  • Free renovation evaluation of the property
  • Further suggestion on areas of your concern and pre-emptive measures. Appropriate repairs may keep away from potentially more wide-ranging and expensive future repair or replacement work.

Professional building inspections- Meeting Your Expectations

Prior to signing a contract of sale, make sure to engage a proficient building inspector, surveyor or architect to get hold of a top Adelaide pre-purchase building inspections report.

The fee for a professional inspection service is insignificant in comparison to the expenses involved in purchasing a property which requires broad unexpected repairs. A competent inspector will know what to look for and will see through any cosmetic enhancements that cover up faults. Go for one today and spot the difference.