How to Buy Portable Dog Doors for Your Adorable Pet

Every pet owner understands his or her pet loves their freedom to both play and explore their environment. Besides this, your pet needs open spaces to relieve itself. It is hard for you to give your pet this freedom if you are not at home all the time. You have to be constantly around to open and close your patio door when your pet wishes to enter or leave the house. However, by installing a portable dog door you can give your pet the freedom it deserves. Having these dog doors installed ensures you do not have to let your pet in and out of the house. Your pet can leave the house when it needs to relieve itself or explore its environment and come back as it pleases.

You can install a portable dog door for you adorable pet in two ways. Either you can buy a durable dog door from a reliable store that sells such doors or you can build one yourself. In either case, it is important that you should keep in mind the following points before installing such dog doors:

  1. First, you will need to take the measurements for your dog door flap. These measurements will include the size of your current patio door as well as the measurement of your pet. It is essential for you to measure how far your patio door opens. This will give an indication of how much room you have for your dog door panel. This measurement should be from the bottom to the top. This will give you an indication for how high your dog door should be.
  2. Once you have taken the measurements for your proposed dog door, you should compare it with the measurement of your pet. In doing so, you should note the following:
  • The height from the ground to the bottom of your pet’s stomach – this should be the maximum height of the bottom of your pet door.
  • The height from the ground to point of your pet’s shoulder blade – this will indicate how high your dog door should be. You should also take the measurement across the shoulder blades of your pet. This will give you an idea of how wide the dog panel should be for your pet to get in and out.

When purchasing a portable dog door for your pet ensure that you buy one of a durable material. You should also insist on having lock system attached to the panel. This will prevent unwanted animals and burglars from entering your house. Most dog doors are available with a sensor lock system. In this system, your pet’s collar has a sensor attached to it. Here the dog door flap automatically opens and closes whenever your pet wishes to come and go. The easiest portable dog door to install is the sliding dog doors.

Installing a portable dog door is convenient for you and your pet. Your pet can get the freedom to explore its surroundings without you having to worry about opening and closing your patio door. In this way, both you and your pet have the freedom to move around without bothering each other!